Why Does Peter Flopped Onto His Bed And Laughed?

Why does Peter flop onto his bed and laugh? The mood suddenly changes when Peter falls to his bed laughing and tries to convince Ender and Valentine that his behavior and words were only a joke. Peter says, “I can make you guys believe anything. I can make you dance around like puppets.”

What is surprising and ironic about Peter apologizing to Ender?

What is surprising and ironic about Peter apologizing to Ender? he apologizes and says he loves Ender. Sees how Ender protects himself against Stilson the soldiers at the academy like Ender.

Why does Ender fear teasing?

Why does Ender fear teasing from the other kids now that he has no monitor? Because now there’s no one to protect them. By beating Stilson up so that he can scare the others away and show them that he can take care of himself without the monitor.

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What case does the antagonizing speaker?

What case does the antagonizing speaker make about the possibility of accepting Ender into the academy? The speaker knows Ender is capable. He reveals taking Ender into the academy and surrounding him with enemies will help save the world, and this outweighs the negative effects the experience will have on Ender.

How does Ender feel about Peter?

There are two key features to Peter’s personality. He is capable of ruthlessly killing his own siblings. He is also a genius, and incredibly manipulative. Ender fears he has become cruel like Peter after beating Stilson, but it is unclear whether he can be as manipulative as his brother.

What does Ender notice about adults fingers?

Ender describes adult fingers as “big and awkward” with “thick stubby fingers and beefy palms.”

Why does Ender go with Graff to the Battle School?

property. Graff wants Ender to choose to come to school because he will not do well if he does not go willingly. He makes Ender’s parents leave the room and tries to convince Ender to leave, by telling him how tough it will be. Graff tells him that he will not be able to see his sister for years.

How did Ender get his nickname What does it mean?

Andrew is Ender’s birth name. However, he’s called Ender throughout the book, which makes sense, because the other humans think he’ll “end” the threat of the Buggers.

Why do you think Peter hates Ender so much?

Why does Peter hate Ender? Peter does not want a third, and jealous that the government allowed Ender. Ender is better than Peter. when Ender’s father gets home, he expresses joy at the fact that his third, Ender, wasn’t taken away by the government.

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Why does Peter despise his brother Ender?

Why does Peter despise his brother Ender? He plans to kill Ender when they least expect it. How does Peter threaten Ender and Valentine?

Why is Peter jealous of Valentine?

Why is Peter jealous of Valentine? Demosthenes is invited to take part in the President’s Council on Education for the Future. Peter is jealous of the respect given to Demosthenes.

How does Peter know Ender wrote the book?

When Peter reads the book, he knows Ender wrote the little book and asks Ender to speak for him after his death. When Peter dies, Ender writes Hegemon and explains “his [Peter’s] crimes and kindnesses.” How does Ender influence all of mankind and redeem himself?

What is ironic about Valentine’s award?

This is ironic for two reasons. First, Valentine is not flattered by such an award personally. She is uninterested in furthering the military campaign that has taken her little brother away. Second, because no one else even gets to know about the award, she will never receive any public recognition at all.

How does Valentine bribe Peter?

How does Valentine bribe Peter? She devises a plan to keep Ender from Earth or Peter would have used him for his own means.

How Ender is different from Peter?

The difference between Peter and Ender, although it sometimes seems slight, is in reality a fundamental difference. Other people matter too much for Ender to do willingly endanger them, but Peter takes the opposite path.

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