Quick Answer: A Rose For Emily Who Was Found Dead In The Bed And Why?

The skeleton is the remains of Homer Barron, and the iron-gray hair belongs to Emily Grierson. The dead body is that of Homer Baron, the fiance, that the townspeople thought had abandoned Miss Emily.

What was found in Emily’s bedroom after she dies?

Expert Answers After Miss Emily’s death, the decayed body of Homer Barron is found lying in her bed. Next to his pillow is another one, with an indentation as though someone has lain their head on it, and containing strands of Miss Emily’s very identifiable hair.

Why do you think Emily poisons Homer Barron marries his corpse and shares a bed with it for 30 years?

She lies with his corpse because it represents the husband or lover she never had but always craved.

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What happened Homer Barron?

Once Miss Emily dies, people enter her house. All we know for sure is that Homer Barron is dead and his body has been kept in an upstairs bedroom of Miss Emily’s house. His body, dressed in a nightshirt, has decomposed into the bed.

Who died at the end of a Rose for Emily?

At the end of “A Rose for Emily,” Emily dies. The townspeople break down the locked door of her bedroom and find the corpse of Homer Barron in her bed. She killed him and has been sleeping with him every night.

Who was in the bed in A Rose for Emily?

The dead body is that of Homer Baron, the fiance, that the townspeople thought had abandoned Miss Emily. She poisoned him with the arsenic that she bought from the pharmacist, and then she kept his body in the house.

What happened when the body of Homer Barron was discovered in the upstairs bedroom?

The corpse was found lying in a bed with a deep impression beside him on the pillow, where it is implied that Emily would lay beside him. The discovery of Homer’s body ties together several loose ends in Emily’s history. It proves that the arsenic that she purchased was used to poison Homer.

What Mental Illness Did Emily have in A Rose for Emily?

By examining Emily’s behavior, her social relationships and the towns people lack of response, one can infer that Emily suffers from schizophrenia. Emily is an isolated woman who lives by herself, does not like to be around people in public spaces, and she does not like to have visitors inside her house.

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Who was Homer Barron?

Homer Barron A foreman from the North. Homer is a large man with a dark complexion, a booming voice, and light-colored eyes. A gruff and demanding boss, he wins many admirers in Jefferson because of his gregarious nature and good sense of humor.

Why did Homer Barron return to Emily?

He comes to town representing modern change, with machinery and industry. This makes his eventual cruel fate of staying with Emily forever (through death) all the more ironic. Following the death of Emily’s father, the community mentions that she was sick for a long time and remained reclusive inside her home.

What were homers intentions with Emily?

When she meets Homer Baron she thinks her entire life is about to change for the better. When she learns of Homer’s intentions she goes to the pharmacist and buys rat poisoning.

Did Homer want to marry Emily?

Homer’s failure to properly court and marry Emily prompts speculation and suspicion. He carouses with younger men at the Elks Club, and the narrator portrays him as either a homosexual or simply an eternal bachelor, dedicated to his single status and uninterested in marriage.

Why did Emily keep her father’s body?

She sought to find a replacement for her father and was attracted to the authoritarian character in the men that she loved and this may have been the reason why she kept their bodies around after their deaths to maintain the same environment to which she had been accustomed and to alleviate the feeling of loneliness.

Where was the body found in A Rose for Emily?

The body of Homer Barron is found inside Emily’s house in a room that hadn’t been opened in forty years, with an indentation of a head and a strand of Emily’s gray hair on the pillow next to him.

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Why did Emily buy arsenic?

Miss Emily purchases the arsenic to kill Homer Barron, a Yankee working man who has come to town to work on the paving of sidewalks in the town. The people of the town think that she will be able to persuade him, although he is said not to be a marrying kind of man.

What does the last paragraph in A Rose for Emily mean?

The final paragraph reveals both the town’s callousness towards Emily’s loneliness as well as the gruesome reality of the life she had been living.

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